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Smart Bacteria Killing Robot
Smart Bacteria Killing Robot
Smart Bacteria Killing Robot
Smart Bacteria Killing Robot
Smart Bacteria Killing Robot

Smart Bacteria Killing Robot


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Ever wondered about the number of mites and germs on your floor even after you mop it with disinfectant or on your bed where you sleep or be spending most of your time these days?

How are you keeping up with that?

If you are still searching for the perfect solution for it, check this out!

The Smart AI-enabled robot that will do the job for you

The amount of micro-organisms you are surrounded with is beyond your imagination and those almost invisible unwanted elements will cause infections that may even cost you your life.

To maintain the hygiene and be extra sure of your as well as the health of your loved ones, this is the one-time investment.


  • It has Artificial Intelligence for edge detection. It turns around on the edges and will not fall off your bed or other furniture when it comes to the edge of it.

  • It is small and portable that you can carry anywhere with you inside your bag to clean the surrounding around you. 

  • The AI and Smart Sensors in it make the entire process of sanitization easier. You do not have to keep monitoring it.

  • It has High-intensity UV-C rays and a Gas discharge Lamp that kills mites and cleans your blankets, quilt, bedsheet.

  • It comes with 2 cleaning modes and you can choose either of them according to your need.

    • Press it once for Handheld mode so as to clean the door handles, television, or other personal belongings.

    • Press it twice to activate the Automatic mode where you let it do its work on its own. 

Staying in hotels or motels and still unsure about the hygiene of the bed?

Carry this robot with you and let it clean for you first.


It is highly efficient and quick at removing the microbes and sanitizing your furniture like bed, couch, mattress, quilt, blankets, floor, dining table, door handles, laptop, Table, Windows, Kitchen top, baby cot, and crib.

    You can even take this to your office to clean your workspace.

    • It has a USB interface and can be recharged easily by connecting to your PC, laptop with the help of USB cable.

    • It takes only 3 to 4 hours for it to completely recharged to clean an 8-10 meter square area.

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